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Siding Insulation

The Fullback® Thermal Support is a structural insulation backer that fits behind and fully supports the contour of any siding panel.

Fullback your home and make it:

More energy-efficient

  • Up to 5 times the “R”-value of conventional backers
  • Significant energy savings

Better looking longer

  • No denting, sagging and warping
  • Extreme weather protection
  • Perform Guard® repels termites and carpenter ants

More liveable

  • Permeable “vapor breather”‹does not contribute to mold growth

The Advantages of Thermal Support – What’s inside makes all the difference

Energy Efficiency & Comfort
Only siding with a full back of thermal support can add to the energy efficiency of your home. It is a difference you will see ‹ in lower monthly utility bills. And, it is a difference you will feel ‹ in all-year-round comfort. Learn more

Lifetime Beauty & Durability
Siding that is Fullbacked is solid, giving every finished home the look and feel of true wood with no telltale seams or sagging common with hollow sidings. And, with incredible resistance to forces of impact and weather, Fullbacking your home helps it look like it’s just been sided for a long, long time.Learn more

Fullback® Thermal Support qualifies as a specify-it-yourself product. A growing number of homeowners are using the Internet to learn about products offering exceptional quality, dependability and value. These informed consumers are making their choices and preferences known to remodelers and builders. Fullback is a unique product that meets the criteria for S-I-Y approval. We invite S-I-Y consumers to learn about Fullback, to request it by name, and to accept no substitutes. Learn more

SIY Approved
Fullback is a specify-it-yourself approved product. Accept no substitutes.

Fullback® Certifications

Of course we stand behind our product with a comprehensive warranty, but we’re not the only source of confidence in the superior performance of Fullback. Independent studies and certifications have verified the quality of our products.

ENERGY STAR® Home Sealing – Improving the envelope of your home
For the average U.S. household, about half of the energy costs go toward heating and cooling. These costs can be significantly reduced by improving the “envelope” or outer shell of your home. ENERGY STAR recommends a process of effective air-sealing techniques and additional insulation called Home Sealing to improve the envelope of your home.

What are the benefits of an energy-efficient envelope?

  • improved comfort by reducing drafts
  • savings on heating and cooling bills
  • reduced noise transmission into your home
  • fewer gaps and cracks for pollen, dust, and pests to enter

As an ENERGY STAR partner, Progressive Foam Technologies’ flagship product, the Fullback Thermal Support System, along with other EPS products produced by Progressive Foam, are ENERGY STAR qualified products as a part of the Home Sealing effort.

The Vinyl Siding Institute
The Vinyl Siding Institute (VSI) is the trade association for manufacturers of vinyl siding and suppliers of raw materials, equipment and services to the vinyl siding industry. As a member, Progressive Foam has worked closely with members of the Technical and Marketing Committees to test our products for approval for use with their vinyl siding. Progressive Foam has obtained approval from all the producer member companies of the VSI.

UL® Classified
Progressive Foam contracts with Underwriters Laboratories (UL) to serve as our ongoing third-party testing agency. We test our products routinely under this protocol. In addition, periodic non-scheduled inspections are conducted by UL personnel to ensure that our foam either meets or exceeds the performance requirements for density, flexural strength, compressive resistance and flammability specified by various building codes.

The “R”-value, permeability and structural integrity of Progressive Foam products are covered by a lifetime warranty which can be transferred with ownership of the building where they are installed.