Roofing Shingle Quality

Lamination Process

Our lamination process doubles the layers of Elk shingles, giving the roof of your home a thicker, more high-profile look.

Ultra-Mat® Reinforced Fiberglass Base

An Ultra-Mat reinforced fiberglass base helps shingles resist rotting, warping, curling and fire.

WindGuard® reduces the chance of blow-offs. It is a double-acting, low-temperature sealant that has a contact seal at the point of application, followed by a thermal seal as roof temperatures increase.

Seal-A-Ridge® with Formula FLX™
Seal-A-Ridge with Formula FLX creates distinctive roofline profiles while providing extra protection against leaks and wind blow-offs. The 12″ x 12″ size is perfect for standard or most shingle-over ridge vents. Formula FLX makes Seal-A-Ridge FLX shingles very workable and easy to install, and helps them retain their form once shaped.

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